Data sovereignty

Most Aboriginal Territorians live in overcrowded housing

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Who collects data about Aboriginal housing and for what purpose? Data sovereignty is an important concept for Aboriginal people. Over the last couple of centuries, a lot of data has been collected about Aboriginal people, and rarely have they had access to it or a say in how it has been used.

Now that governments at every level have committed to Closing the Gap, data has a new purpose. It has also become clear that we need more of it, since for many targets there is no reliable source of data.

In relation to homelands, AHNT has started to collect our own data, including in relation to water and energy security. It’s a small set, so far, but it already yields some important insights. Our engagement officers are also planning to start visiting remote communities, town camps and community living areas.

Image credit: Productivity Commission dashboard on progress toward housing targets under Closing the Gap, showing that where 90% of non-Indigenous Territorian live in appropriately-sized housing, less than 50% of Aboriginal do.

This is Aboriginal land

We work with deep respect for country and its rightful owners, ancestors and elders, past and present.
Please be aware that our site includes names and images of people who have passed.

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